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The most effective method to Make Her Submit To You

Make her submit to you
Ladies won't give you what you need. They will just give you what you merit and acquire. With a specific end goal to make a lady submit to you, give you what you truly need and treat you the way you need to be dealt with, you should go to bat for yourself and what you need. In particular, if a lady is unwilling to give you what you need or treat you the way you need to be dealt with, you should walk and never think back. Regardless of the possibility that she implores you to take her back, you should just do it on the off chance that she will give you what you need and treat you the way one be dealt with. If not, it's "Hasta la vista, girl! Call me when you alter your opinion."
You should be steady with
ladies. You should treat all ladies the same way. You can't appear as one person with one lady, and afterward act entirely unexpected with an alternate lady. You should appear as your true self with the understanding that not all ladies that you like are going to feel the same path about you. Your desires ought to be that they all need you. On the off chance that a lady rejects you, then you feel it's her misfortune. She has no clue what she simply passed up a major opportunity for.
On the off chance that you have had a past relationship where you prepared a lady to treat you seriously and to lose regard for you as a man, the more you did this for (before you got to be illuminated about ladies byperusing this book), the harder it will be to inspire her to treat you in an unexpected way. Why? Since you have adapted her how to think, feel and act around you. It's generally simpler to begin with another person and do everything right from the earliest starting point. That way you will condition and prepare her to give you what you need, and treat you how you need to be dealt with. Why might a lady isn't that right? Since she regards you. She values having you in her life. She considers you to be the prize and a catch. Subsequently, she wouldn't like to do anything to make you lose enthusiasm for her and pick another person..

On the off chance that a lady does not regard you, she will mistreat you and it will be inconceivable for her to experience passionate feelings for you. Ladies must realize that in the event that they push you too far, you will walk and never think back. On the off chance that you let a lady mistreat you, then she has no trepidation of misfortune and in this way won't enjoy you in particular. Why? Since you have no sense of pride. You permit her to mishandle you and abuse you, and she knows you generally will stay there and take it. Ladies who don't regard you, don't believe your manly center, and in this manner, won't feel sexual fascination for you.
Although today's women are more aggressive than ever before in most spheres of life, from the workplace to the homefront, men generally remain the dominant ones in the dating and sexual arenas. After all, many women are still wary of making the first move, and expect men to initiate conversation and risk rejection by asking them out. Furthermore, many women expect men to make the plans and pay for dates.  And we all know on whom the burden to initiate sex falls most of the time.
This fact pushes many men and women alike to wonder whether or not equality is really what women are after. Wouldn't true equality imply that women make the first move, and wine and dine their men just as often as the other way around? Why do the same women who demand equality also expect you to open the door for them?

you're the man

Despite the fact that we are perfectly capable of doing things that were once thought of as strictly being the domain of men, such as becoming senators and unscrewing the lids on jars, the simple truth of the matter is that most of us still want to feel feminine when we are with our man, the same way that you want to feel masculine.
And the smarter women among us have realized that this can only happen if we let go and let you be a man. And this goes for all stages of a relationship.

the power of seduction

Chances are that when you want a relationship with a woman to become intimate, you turn on the charm and do your damnedest to seduce the pants off her. But in order to be seduced, a woman must lower her defenses and allow the man to work his magic on her. Thus, seduction itself is a form of psychological domination in which the woman gives up control of the situation to the man.
But do women want this dynamic to be taken into the bedroom by beingphysically dominated as well?
submissive type
If your lady is generally the submissive type who's easygoing and expects you to make many of the decisions within the relationship, then she may prefer being submissive in bed as well. Perhaps she prefers when you initiate sex and take the reigns under the sheets. For instance, she may like it when you hold her hands down in the missionary position or give her soft-spoken instructions. The only way to find out is by gauging her reaction during sex and talking about your preferences with each other.
That is not to say, however, that this same woman doesn't want to initiate sex, as well as be on top from time to time, or forget any type of power issue and just go with the flow. Even a woman who tends to be on the bossy side may like to be submissive in the bedroom every now and again, and let her man be the dominant one.

under my thumb?

It's important to keep in mind, however, that women who don't mind relinquishing their power in the bedroom and in the relationship are doing this consciously; they are willingly abandoning themselves to their man's desires and letting him call the shots. This does not make them weak, intellectually inferior or less deserving of respect than men.
Interestingly enough, the best way to make her accept your being the more dominant one in the relationship is to treat her like an equal. The more you try to keep her under your thumb and treat her in a blatantly sexist manner, the more likely she is to fight back to assert her power.
If you treat her with respect and understand that her female brand of intelligence is just as valid as your own, she won't ever feel the need to assert her power, as it will be understood.
That's right: Treat her as an equal and she will happily submit to your wishes. Why? Treating her as an equal shows that you're so confident in your masculinity that you're not threatened by a smart woman. And confidence is a huge turn-on. On the other hand, blatant sexism on your part will be interpreted as weakness and insecurity, which are the ultimate turnoffs for women.

she's always a woman

Unfortunately, too many men simply don't understand that the concept of equality does not mean that we want to be treated like men; it means that we want the same courtesy and respect that is afforded to men to be extended toward us.
Respecting women's intelligence and treating them like women should not be thought of as mutually exclusive ways of thinking. Deep down, we want to be taken care of and be your woman, but we don't want to feel that you're putting us beneath you.
So, if you want her to let you be her man in all your glory, and steer the relationship both inside and outside the bedroom, treat her as your other half, no more and no less, and she'll willingly submit.
SOURCE: Askmen


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