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Best Way To Lose Virginity

What is the best way to lose your virginity?Virginity loss is very important event for every young girl. It is important to be ready for it, both mentally and physically. How should you do it carefully and in proper way? Read the article and find out.

At a certain time before every girl raises the question about whether she lost her virginity or not. Virginity is definitely not something you need to strive as soon as possible, to get rid of. If you are still not mentally ready for sex, feel a strong emotion, it is better to abandon it.

Sex is, above all, fun. The problem of loss of virginity is more concerned with psychology than with physiology. And is it going to be painful or not is largely psychological aspect. For someone breaking the hymen is painless, and sometimes pain is almost unbearable. Often, because of the fear of the pain many girls come to the decision to remove the hymen surgically (defloration).
The main obstacle for girls seeking to enter adult life (to have sex), is it fear of pain — "I want, but I am afraid". Proven, the optimal age for entry into sexual relations is from 14 to 19 years. But this does not mean that one should strive to lose their virginity before 20 years. And there is no need to listen to the advice of more experienced in this matter friends. Everything has its time, and in any case, nothing should rush things.
Virginity is not a disadvantage, but dignity!
The situation is often exacerbated, and all comes to the ills of inadequate advice and prejudice. Let's see how to lose the virginity painlessly and how did it our ancestors. It should be noted that our ancestors approached the problem quite differently.
What is the best way to lose your virginity?

Our ancestors' traditions

At that time premarital relations were not allowed, but  a civil marriage was cultivated. The girl moved to the young man, and they lived in a civil marriage, before the birth of the first child and then got married and had a wedding. The birth of the first child was evidence of the viability of a young man like men.
There were other customs, which are likely to be too ridiculous or defamatory bride. At weddings, in ancient times, each of the invitees could get the bride and demonstrate the movements of sexual intercourse, as if giving to understand what she will experience later.
Quite often the bride was undressed to underwear by the groom's relatives. And on the wedding night, the young were not left for a minute alone. They were locked in a separate room, and other peeked, listened, asked questions and obscene in no case was not allowed to sleep as if forcing to have sex.
What is the best way to lose your virginity?
The most active of the invited guests ran around the house, singing ditties, trying to create a special atmosphere. Try to imagine yourself in the place of the newlyweds and how you felt at that time. It is unlikely such an atmosphere will lead to good sexual intercourse, most likely the groom generally that is not able to do anything. If by morning the bride and groom did not show blood stained the sheets, they were given several attempts.
In some villages, this problem was solved differently. The groom's brother was put for the bride and groom, and in case of failure, the young brother could help to rectify the situation. These practices are not as comparable with the Christian traditions. The Christian wedding is the beginning of a new sinless life. Of course, time has made serious changes and adjustments and such is unacceptable and is considered immoral.

Tips on how to painlessly lose your virginity

First of all, you need to understand that sexual intercourse is a big responsibility. A variety of popular advice on how to painlessly lose the virginity can not help. The responsibility for the decision lies with you, and you will answer for all the consequences. So, if you decided to lose your virginity and you are sure, we recommend you visiting the gynaecologist.
And this must be done, before sexual intercourse, and after it. Opinion on how to get pregnant at first intercourse impossible, is wrong. First sex is nothing different from the next one. Doctors do not recommend during the first sexual intercourse to experiment with the poses; the girl should relax and lie on your back. It is best if she is placed on the back of the padded cushion.
What is the best way to lose your virginity?
Do not try to soothe anxiety and remove your fear with alcohol, although it is one of the most common ways to legally lose the virginity. After drinking alcohol, you risk not only suffer in the morning for a headache but all of that you do not remember. Try to calm down and relax and in other safer ways. If the worry and doubt associated with a shy guy or even with the selection of a partner, think well, whether you really need to have sex. This desire must come from the heart, you should can trust your partner.
First sexual experience it is better to have at home or at the apartment, in a beautiful soft bed that is near a bathroom or at least shower. It is very important that you could relax and not be afraid that someone will enter during this crucial moment. Your first experience will depend on whether you continue to trust men, to love and to enjoy sex.
There is a perception that to lose your virginity is better with an experienced guy, as the first sex should be passionate and quick, everything should be done slowly and gradually. Maybe that's right, the first time is a very important event in every girl's life. Many women carefully plan their first time. For example, every young lady imagines romance novels, which are so elaborately described sexual relations by an experienced adult man and a young virgin.
What is the best way to lose your virginity?
There's only one way, get rid of the pain and fear associated with the loss of virginity is the true love towards a prospective partner. Only in this case, you can get real pleasure incomparable to anything else. Only the feeling of love can overshadow all the fears, prejudices and confusion. In addition, the hormones that the body produces in the process of the present sexual arousal, have analgesic properties, so it all depends on you, your health and mood.


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